Terms & Conditions

      1. All cakes except *wedding cakes over £300.00 require a 50% non-refundable deposit when placing an order; to secure both your date and order. The outstanding balance is to be paid in full, the day before or on the day of collection. *Wedding cakes over £300.00 require a 30% deposit, the outstanding balance is required 1 month before delivery & set- up
      2. No work is started until your deposit has been received.
      3. Cheques are NOT accepted

If we have to cancel your order full refund shall be given.

We will provide you with a quote which is valid for 1 week; if you wish to place the order we need to receive  your deposit within a week of the date of quote given; or on the day of quote given if the cake is due in less than 1 week.

This secures both your date and order. When making a payment, you are required to contact us via telephone or email so that we can confirm the booking. it is your responsibility to inform us you have paid a deposit.

No work is started until your deposit has been received.

Due to customers (understandably) looking around for prices we do not pursue orders,

  1. Full payment of *wedding cakes* is due 1 month prior to *delivery and set-up* date unless it’s a last minute order where payment in full is required when placing a order.
  2. All quotations are valid for 1 week.
  3. If you require changes to your order it may incur extra charges depending on changes.
  4. All cakes with the exception of *Wedding Cakes* are to be collected. there will be a *delivery and setup charge for all wedding cakes; cost depends on mileage*.
  5. Sensational Cakes are not responsible for any damage after collection or * delivery and setup is complete.
  6. You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the cake(s) or cupcakes.
  7. All of our cakes come boxed and should be transported on a flat surface e.g.  the foot well in the front passenger or the empty boot of the car a non slip mat is also recommended. Please ensure extra care is taken when driving, especially when taking sharp turns. We do not accept any responsibility for damages caused if the cake is damaged in transit. We do not recommend transporting the cake on someone’s lap, placing cakes on seats in a vehicle, leaving the cake inside a hot car for prolonged periods or placing the cake where items can fall onto it. If you require the cake to be fixed we will give you a quote and we will try our best to fix it. Models may not be repairable as they can  take a couple of days to dry.
  8. CANCELLATIONS Deposits are non-refundable.  Full payment of the cake is required if the birthday or celebration cake is cancelled within 6 days of the celebration date or within 30 days for a wedding cake. All cancellations need to be submitted in writing. On receipt of the cancellation you will be sent a confirmation response with information regarding any money due from you or any money owed to you. If you owe us money, you must pay within 7 days of the date of the confirmation letter. Any unpaid balances will be pursued through the small claims court and customers will be responsible for costs and expenses incurred in this process.
    *Tasting session
    To book a tasting session (*wedding cakes only*) please contact us to arrange a date. It is £30 for a 45 mins consultation slot in which you get to taste 3 cakes of your choice. This £30 is redeemable against the price of the cake when you book with us. Please bring as much information with you regarding your cake and any themes you wish to include. Flower arrangements, wedding invitations, pictures of the outfits for the special day, your wedding theme or colours. These are all helpful.
  9. Any orders placed using a photo produced by another cake designer will not be copied exactly but we will do our own interpretation of the cake.

Colour matching
We cannot guarantee 100% colour match but we will try our best to get the closest to the shade you are after.

Where possible we will endeavour to meet your alteration requirements. However, due to the nature of our products some items need to be prepared further in advance. Therefore, there may be additional charges should we have undertaken work that is no longer required. For example  if we have created  models/flowers that you no longer desire.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to make any changes, or make a cancellation.
COMPLAINTS Complaints are rare so when they do occur we take them seriously. Corrections to inscriptions &; minor changes when things are wrong can usually be carried out on the same day in most cases and you are required to give us the opportunity to do this. You must notify us of the problem within 1 hour of collecting/delivery of your cake.

*Wedding cakes only

For more details about our services please call us on 07902 148 645 / email info@sensational-cakes.co.uk or fill in the contact form