Helpful questions to ask yourself before you order your cake/cupcakes

Many people have no idea where to start, so we have put together some questions for you to answer, which will make your ordering process easier.

1.How soon do you require the cake? It is better if you are able to give us as much notice as possible, especially for Fruit cakes, Wedding cakes and cakes that require models as they need to be made in advance to give them time to set.

2. How many people does it need to serve? 

3. What shape do you require? Round, square, rectangle, oblong, 6 petal, 8 petal, teardrop, diamond, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, heart, numbers or bespoke shaped.

4. Novelty, Traditional, Wedding cake, Number cake, photo or cupcakes.

5.What flavor/s do you want?

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As a guide our 12″Square sponge cakes you will get approximately 72 portions based on a 1 x 2 inch potion and 1 x 1 inch for fruit cakes.

Please note this is a approximate guide only,there are other shapes of cakes to choose from (Heart, Petal, Topsy turvy, Hexagon, Oval to name a few) portions will vary depending on cake shape and whether sponge or fruit.

Fruitcake Round Fruitcake Square
Size Inches 20 25
   6” 40 50
   8” 60 80
   10” 80 110
   12” 100 130
   14” 130 160

For more details about our services please call us on 07902 148 645 / email or fill in the contact form